Window Panel Scratch Removal in Toronto

Discover unparalleled window and glass scratch removal services designed for Canada’s prominent builders. Our specialty saves you time and money, eliminating the need to wait for new glass panels. By fixing scratches on-site, we prevent liabilities associated with replacing flawed panels. As your one-stop solution, we address glass scratches in front of homeowners or on-site supervisors, ensuring a seamless stress free process.
Once the job is approved, your company is in the clear—no waiting for replacements, or having home owners complain about a replacement panel that come on site with other scratches or extra labor costs. Our proven track record includes serving all major builders across Canada, with references available to vouch for our excellence. Choose us for swift, efficient, and cost-effective glass scratch removal.

Our Window Panel Scratch Removal Services Include:

Scratch Assessment:

Highview begins with a detailed assessment of the scratches on your window panels. Our skilled technicians evaluate the depth and extent of the scratches to determine the most appropriate removal techniques.

Precision Scratch Removal:

Utilising cutting-edge methods, Highview employs precision scratch removal techniques to eliminate scratches from the glass surface. Our skilled technicians work meticulously to achieve a smooth and clear finish, restoring the original beauty of your windows.

Polishing and Buffing:

Highview’s scratch removal process includes polishing and buffing to refine the glass surface. This step ensures that any residual marks or imperfections are addressed, leaving your windows with a flawless and polished appearance.

Quality Assurance:

Highview is committed to delivering high-quality results. Our technicians perform thorough quality checks to ensure that the scratch removal process has been executed to the highest standards, providing you with clear and pristine window panels.

Why Choose Highview Window Panel Scratch Removal Services?

Advanced Techniques: Our team employs advanced scratch removal techniques and equipment to achieve optimal results. Highview ensures that your window panels receive the latest and most effective treatments available.

Skilled Technicians: Highview’s technicians are skilled and experienced in the art of scratch removal. We understand the delicacy of glass surfaces and approach each project with precision and care to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Efficient Service: Highview prioritises efficient scratch removal services to minimise disruption to your daily routine. Our dedicated team works diligently to complete projects in a timely manner without compromising on the quality of our work.

Client Satisfaction: Your satisfaction is our priority. Highview actively involves you in the assessment and decision-making process, providing clear communication and ensuring that the final outcome meets your expectations.


Restore the pristine appearance of your windows with Highview Window Panel Scratch Removal Services. Contact us today to discuss your scratch removal needs and experience the difference our expertise can make for the clarity and beauty of your glass surfaces.

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